Why Do I Need an Appraiser?

July 20, 2016

Welcome to the viewpoints section of our website!  Here we will provide what I hope to be valuable insight into commercial appraisal theory and current events especially as they relate to the Detroit and Ann Arbor MSAs.

One question that I am often asked is, why do I need an appraiser?  At Woodbank Group, we develop professional, thoughtful, and credible valuation opinions.  Importantly, whether the problem involves financing, litigation, or internal valuation review your appraiser should be the one without a “dog in the fight”.  This balanced approach is sought after and carefully considered by other parties in the transaction / conflict and can help bring about amicable solutions to difficult real estate valuation problems.  Whether you need a quick restricted report to help with a buy or sell decision for a commercial or industrial building; or you are entangled in complex litigation over vacant land, an apartment building, or a special use property, engaging a competent, qualified, and thoughtful appraiser up front will save you money and consternation down the road.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular commercial appraisal needs.